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Artist Profile – Zach Collins

Artist Profile – Zach Collins “It may seem to be obsessive to some but I like to think of collage making as more of a

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Keeping a Map of Your Trail: Inventory

Mapping the Trail  ‘The only thing an artist gets to keep is his trail.’  Cecil Touchon …So the more documented, the more breadcrumbs, the better.

A Note About Exhibitions

About Exhibitions While we have produced quite a few physical exhibitions in spaces of opportunity in Texas, Colorado and New Mexico and will continue to

The Archives as an Entity

The Archives, as an entity, is concerned only with itself. Hence anything in the collection is of the utmost importance to the collection as a whole.

The New Plan for CollageMuseum.com

The Story from the Archives The mission of the museum is to create a collection that is gathered together like a scientific museum that collects

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Paper: Cecil Touchon

Nice video by my daughter Noor-un-nisa Touchon. “I am a paper person. Some people love wood or fabric or metal or clay, etc. I love

Introducing the Touchonian

The place I am currently most active is at touchonian.substack.com At this page I am posting 3-4 times a week with articles about the Creative

Wait a Minute!

Wait a Minute! The last couple of years have found me deep in hibernation in my studio. I am just now starting to peak out.

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