Flights of the Imagination


Keeping a Map of Your Trail: Inventory

Mapping the Trail  ‘The only thing an artist gets to keep is his trail.’  Cecil Touchon …So the more documented, the more breadcrumbs, the better.

A Note About Exhibitions

About Exhibitions While we have produced quite a few physical exhibitions in spaces of opportunity in Texas, Colorado and New Mexico and will continue to

Artist Profile – Zach Collins

Artist Profile – Zach Collins “It may seem to be obsessive to some but I like to think of collage making as more of a

The Archives as an Entity

The Archives, as an entity, is concerned only with itself. Hence anything in the collection is of the utmost importance to the collection as a whole.

The New Plan for

The Story from the Archives The mission of the museum is to create a collection that is gathered together like a scientific museum that collects