Nice video by my daughter Noor-un-nisa Touchon.

“I am a paper person. Some people love wood or fabric or metal or clay, etc. I love paper and the ink or paint or pencil on it and the patina of use and the feel of the surface and the notations, scribbles, stains and repairs found on it. I am fascinated by the evidence of use and the mysterious nature of its history as a unique voice, a witness to the lives of those people now lost to history who used to own it.”

“As a person interested in paper this would also lead to all things related to paper like a fascination with libraries and archives, documents, postage and correspondence, books, posters, language, organization, files and systems and the architecture and infrastructure built for things related to paper. However, I am a visual artist, so I am also interested in studios and galleries, museums, collectors and collections, art objects, ideas, color, composition and form.”

“Combining all of these things together you have the practice of collage which then grows into a process for creating studies for larger scales paintings. So my own little world is a complex one for which there are not enough hours in the day.” – Cecil Touchon