About The Gallery

While we have produced quite a few physical exhibitions in spaces of opportunity in Central Mexico, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico and will continue to do so, our main venue is the internet where the widest number of viewers have access from all over the world and we are always open. Since our main intended audience is the global arts community we feel this brings the greatest benefit to the largest number of people in the most expedient and economic way possible.

We hope to also produce a catalog for each of the exhibitions on collagemuseum.com and encourage you to purchase these as a way of supporting our work. You can also become a subscriber or make a contribution.

Permanent Exhibitions

This is where we will link to new exhibitions created especially for collagemuseum.com once we figure out how to do it as best we can!  It is a work in progress at the moment.  We will be mostly exhibiting highlights from the Archives.

In the meantime several of the shows are linked to the original way we have exhibited this work so far…

The Archives

The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction is a department of the Ontological Museum containing thousands of items. We have built the archives through an inclusive collection policy and through a variety of projects such as the Baker’s Dozen International Collage Exchange and through inviting artists to contribute works to the archives for various exhibitions.

In 2011 we came up with the bright idea that we needed to give a universal inventory number of every work in the collection so that we can figure out where everything is, who made it, etc. such as in the caption to the right.  We are still going through things and assigning numbers. and uploading to the inventory blogs.

OM.2012.108 - Zoran Palurovic - 'A Piece of Biedermeier' 18.5 x 28.cm - 2011 - paper collage

The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction began in 1998 with the idea that the collage/assemblage artist community – at least at that time –  was a very small and under represented part of the art world. We like to think we have helped to improve that situation through our efforts as a champion of this community.

We also recognized that many if not most artists work outside of the art market and art establishment and hence their work goes undiscovered.

Our inclusive policy takes this into account and invites any artist anywhere in the world to contribute to this unique collection without censure.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

 Pablo Picasso