2019 Acquisitions Catalog

Starting with 2019, we are going to be publishing an annual catalog of all works coming into the archives. This catalog is 122 page, full color 8.5 x 8.5 inches softcover.

The Blurb: New acquisitions catalog for registered works into the Ontological Museum Archives. Items include mail art, collage art, fluxus art,visual poetry, photo montage, assemblage, bricolage, postcards, books and asemic writing.


Mckenna Mitchell, Brittani Myers, Adam Freeman, Doren Robbins, Paige Wi, Amelia Currier, Susan Mabray Gnaedinger, Michael Arata, Carlyle Baker, Judith Amanda Hay, Jennifer Zoellner, Chris Lawson, Julia Payne, Maria de Lourdes Rabello Villares, Lisa B. Forman, Karen A. Miller, Elizabeth Concannon, Martha Whittemore, James White, Bea Savellano, Sassu Antonio, Horst Tress, Gustave Morin, Debra Mulnick, Russell Manning, Frips, Claire Marcus, Joan Schulze, Joey Zanotti, Elizabeth Bogard, Pal Csaba, Dennis Parlante, Lance Carlson, Alice Harrison, John Paul Gardner, Pere Saguer Jofre, Angela Caporaso, UU, Pamela Nelson, Linda Hertz, Carolina Rosario Nunez Diaz Corralejo, Judith Meyer, Joan Harrison, Jon Foster, Joan Desmond, Michael Basinski, Lova Delis, Louise LaPlante

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