Baker's 1/2 Dozen Collage Exchange

MARCH 21, 2020 Deadline is coming up!

Cecil Touchon, Director

Cover image (above) om.2012.264 – Graham Moore

The Baker’s Dozen International Collage Exchange was first conceived by Cecil Touchon in the late 1990’s. We used to ask for 12+1 collages from participants. Twelve to exchange with other artists and one for the archives. but in recent years we thought it might be easier all around to change the conditions to 6+1.

The idea of the Exchange is for artists to have actual examples of other artists works to study and hopefully be inspired by. Artworks contain ideas, suggest philosophies and exhibit constructive techniques and standards. So having a collection of works by other artists can be very helpful and the exchange creates a sense of connection and promotes community.

The other part of the program is to gather works by many artists into an archive that helps to document and preserve a record of the present for the future.

The Exchange and all of our other projects such as exhibitions are based on the model of a mail art project. “no jury, no fee, no returns, all works accepted, documentation to all” which is a standard when mail artists are working on projects among themselves.

Head over to the Collage Exchange page and participate!

Above OM.2011.182-187 - Marianne Midelburg - Australia - 6 black and white 'vest' collages - 18 x 15.5 cm

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