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Current and Ongoing Projects

Permanent Collection Building for Future Exhibitions
The IMCAC is actively collecting. Be a part of this unique 21st century museum.

In a single exchange project as many as 175+ collage artists from around the world have participated. One work becomes part of the collection of the IMCAC. To join current exchange
The Doll Army The Doll Army is for the creation of art projects and exhibitions and performances using hand made dolls as surrogates of the artists in peace related projects as a representative voice.
The Collage Museum has the yahoo email group called COLLAGE ( . This group is currently comprised of nearly 1,300 collage artists from around the world who converse with each other daily on a variety of subjects of interest to the collage artist. There are also many announcements of web sites, projects and opportunities for collage artists that you may wish to be aware of.

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