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Frequently asked questions

"...Therefore,... the conception of the Avant Garde is discarded as a general movement forward toward
a utopian external and is reoriented to a general movement inward..."

What is the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction?

The IMCAC was started in the 1990’s by Cecil Touchon as a department of the Ontological Museum of the International Post Dogmatist Group. The Collage Museum has been collecting collage, assemblage and constructive art ever since and now has an archive of thousands of works contributed by artists from all over the world. It is an artist run art project to attempt to preserve study and exhibit the contemporary moment through an inclusive collection program.


What is the Ontological Museum?

Who is the International Post Dogmatist Group?

The International Post Dogmatist Group was started by Cecil Touchon, Patrick O’Kelly and Charles Schneider who were art students at the University of Texas at Arlington in Arlington, Texas. It was a response to the idea of Post Modernism. The group grew rapidly through the art department at UTA and began having its first meetings and gatherings. Most of the original members are still in contact to this day. However, the group is open ended and inclusive so everyone that participates in our projects is a member of the group by default.

What is the Post Dogmatist Program?


The Ontological Museum started in the mid 1990’s by Cecil Touchon as a way to document the International Post Dogmatist Group (founded in 1987), to use as a platform for projects and a way to archive and document the accumulated results of those projects.

We think of the museum as an assemblage of assembled things, as a ‘Total Work of Art’ or Gesamtkunstwerk.

The International Post Dogmatist Group is known as the Official Avant Garde. Official because every member is encouraged to operate through an office, a chair, an institution, an organization, a desk, etc, of their own creation as their public persona. Avant Garde because, according to the Post Dogmatists program: “…Therefore,… the conception of the Avant Garde is discarded as a general movement forward toward a utopian external and is reoriented to a general movement inward…”

The Post Dogmatists see that anything truly new, profound and authentic comes from the depths of one’s own being. The center of one’s self is the center of all. Each is unique yet all of us are unified.

THE STANDARD DISCLAIMER:  “The ideas, views, opinions, attitudes, conceptions or insinuations, both explicit and implicit, contained herein may or may not be those of the International Post-Dogmatist Group as a whole or any of its constituent members, associates, affiliates, subsidiaries or institutions.”