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Creating the Physical Home for the Museum

The museum collection has been expanding at such a rate that, if exhibited all at once would easily fill a museum of almost any size. The operations thus far have focused on mobil exhibitions, the use of internet web sites such as and and continuous communications among the artists participating in the growth and exposure of the museum's collection.

The collection is currently housed in a large storage facility here in Fort Worth, Texas organized in bins and storage racks. The cost just for storage alone in currently thousands of dollars per year. There are so many wonderful works in the collection that have been donated by artists from all over the world that it seems time to start planning the next phase which is to establish a permanent physical location for the collection in order to begin rotating exhibitions of the works for all to enjoy and be inspired by.

In order to do this there is the need of a suitable space in the museum district, a need for covering framing expenses and documentation which will create a need for more storage and then there is the need for staff members to care for the collection, organize exhibitions and promote them.

However, to do this will require raising the needed funds in order to get to this next phase. To do this we are asking patrons like you to support our project through monthly, quarterly or annual contributions so that the needed funds can be put in place to help us fulfill these dreams.

As museums go, the Collage Museum has developed thus far in the most thrifty way possible and with the utmost minimum expense. Yet the museum's long term vision is quite ambitious. It is a museum created by artists for artists in order to preserve and document contemporary collage and assemblage art in as inclusive a way as possible. We intend to remain thrifty and to make every dollar donated go as far as possible in order to establish and maintain the museum with the goal being to achieve a permanent presence in and impact on the art world now and into the distant future.

Please, join us in this vision.  Please visit our donation page and pick the plan best for you.

Cecil Touchon, Director
collage museum

collage museum
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