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2004 Exhibitions of the Permanent Collection in the Greater Boston, Mass. Area

During the months of May, June and July the IMCAC collection of art and the work of several invited artists were shown at two corporate galleries.

The exhibitions were organized by the curators of Meditech - A leading software vendor in the health care informatics industry for 35 years, (MEDITECH provides integrated software solutions that meet the information needs of health care organizations worldwide serving hospitals, ambulatory care centers, physicians' offices, long term care and behavioral health facilities, and home health organizations and New England Biolabs . NEB is a cooperative laboratory of experienced scientists dedicated to providing research products of the highest purity to the scientific community.

The Director, Cecil Touchon flew up to Boston to give a lecture for the Museum discussing the Museum's concept and goals and the Baker's Dozen Project and how the works included in the show were gathered together.

The curators came up with a low cost and handsome display system for the unframed works through buyng some sort of plastic corner material used as a trim  for wall paneling and nailed it to the wall in various geomentric paterns to create thin, light weight shelving material. A light tack double sided foam tape was used to hold the collages in place in case any breeze went through the gallery spaces.

The photos show do not show all of the work in the shows and are all from the Meditech gallery.

Both shows were well recieved.

The conception and execution for these shows were coordinated by curator/artist Carol Seitchik (shown left) who came to cuernavaca and stayed at Casa del Artista that is the bed and breakfast in which the Collage Museum exhibition space is incorporated.  After seeing many of the works and listening to the concept behind it, Carol was inspired to create an exhibition for the work.

Thank you Carol!
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