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The art world's source for income and exhibition opportunities. A searchable database and magazine that lists local, national and international juried exhibitions, competitions, grants, art jobs, percent-for-arts, art in public RFP's, festivals, residencies, internships, & much more... Also see comprehensive artist support and representation services.

The Joseph Cornell Study Center
- American Surrealist, assemlagist and collagist Joseph Cornell has had a strong impact on assemblage and collage artists of the present generation. This site strives to offer information and images of the artist related to his influence on constructive techniques.

The Kurt Schwitters Study Center - Kurt Schwitters is held in high esteem by collage artists worldwide. His strong focus on the practice of collage and assemblage coupled with his dadaist attitude and inclination toward abstraction and Constuctivist composition give his work a classic and wide reaching aesthetic

Cut and Paste - A History of Photomontage at least from the 20's and 80's. A handsome site with good information on the topics covered. This site is a "Pick"  of the Yahoo Directory, read the review here

The Andre Breton Study Center - Andre Breton, the founder of Surrealism, helped to encourage an artistic dialog with the subconscious and the operations of chance on the arts.

The Copyright Website - This site endeavors to provide real world,  practical and relevant copyright information of interest to infonauts, netsurfers,  webspinners, content providers, musicians, appropriationists, activists, infringers,  outlaws, and law abiding citizens. Launched on May Day 95, this site seeks to  encourage discourse and invite solutions to the myriad of copyright tangles that  currently permeate the Web; The Copyright Website strives to lubricate the  machinations of information delivery. As spice is to Dune, information is to the Web; the spice must flow.

The Surrealism Study Center - Surrealism attracts almost all artists to some degree or other as it suggests a wider approach to artistic endeavor than logic and reason alone can penetrate. Many associates of the Surrealist society such as Max Ernst, Marcell Duchamp and  Man Ray worked in collage, montage, assemblage and construction.

The Photo Montage Study Center - With the advent of photography and the eventual use of photographic images in mass media like newspapers and magazines, the stage was set for various artists to use collage techniques combined with photographic images and especially mass media images from all over the world to make social comments and just generally have fun experimenting with combining unlikely elements together to create never before seen hybrid images. This has continued and exploded with now widely available digital technology.

This to That - "Because people have a need to glue things to other things." Not related to collage or assemblage specifically but rather a general technical site on the subject This to That provides information and good advice about adhesives and gluing various sorts materials to one another. A simple and useful site.