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The  Baker's Half Dozen
 International Collage Exchange

(an ISACA and IMCAC Exchange)

Deadline March 21 & October 21 annually

This document has changed. Please read carefully.

A Baker's Dozen is 12 donuts plus 1 free sample. This is the basic concept for the exchange. Except, to make it easier, we have changed it to a Baker's Half Dozen Exchange: 6 & 1 - 6 to trade with other participants and one for the Museum's collection to be archived for future study and exhibit.

Artists each make UP TO  7 collages, up to size 11"x14" (inches), and send them to SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO,
to arrive by either March 21 or October 21. (you may also send as few as one for the collection)

Packages that arrive too late
OR if there are not enough participants for the exchange will be held for the next exchange.




THEME: open

One collage is retained to be part of the permanent collection of the IMCAC, while remaining permanently on exhibition on the Museum's Internet site and possibly exhibited in future exhibitions held by the Museum. (feel free to include extra works for the permanent collection)
The other 6 are distributed into parcels which are sent back to each contributing artist. So you send 7 of yours, get back 6 of others.
Certain works from the various exchanges will be selected for representing the Museum's flagship collection to be used for traveling exhibitions and as such will be framed in matching museum frames as funds are available. This prestigious flagship collection will be chosen by the director as being among the finest works in the collection and promoted as important examples of 21st century collage art.

Elizabeth Concannon

Make UP TO 7 collages, up to 11" X 14" (including base or matting) . please work with these standard sizes: 6x4 or 5x7 or 8x10 or11x14 inches. This will allow the museum to use standard, ready made framing which helps to keep the costs down when and if works are exhibited.

PRINT and fill out the forms mentioned above.


IMCAC - Collage Exchange
Cecil Touchon       (checks made to CECIL TOUCHON)
4810 West Alameda Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507
Your package to arrive any time starting now until the deadline of either March 21 or October 21

A package of up to (depending on how many you sent) 6 collages by other artists will be sent to each participating artist by the end of April for the March exchange or November for the October exchange.

Sylvia Weir
  • Your collages: write on the back of each:
    • your name,
    • this inventory #:  BD00-00-yourlastname (replace zeros with month&year),
    • title of work, 
    • name & address ,
    • email address (and the URL of your own web site if you've got one and want it listed)
  • On a sheet of paper your name & address , email address and phone number (and the URL of your own web site if you've got one and want it listed)
  • The director will be selecting each work for the museum's collection.
  • Please feel free to include a folder on yourself with materials about your work to keep on file at the Museum. Send us your show cards and updated information occasionally.
  • be sure to send in the filled out forms mentioned above

Additionally, if you only want to donate a work to the museum and not participate in the exchange aspect that is fine too. Send something any time!

Thomas Lee
  • Quality / Curating / Acceptance?
    All work by adults 18 and older is accepted. It is expected that you have been working in collage long enough to be proficient at it.
    Works will be sorted and exchanged as equally as possible according to quality. The intention of all of the Museum's exchanges is to establish a dialog and  exchange of ideas about how to work in the mediums of collage and montage among colleagues. By exchanging actual examples we get to see first hand how each other works. This is intended to lead to higher standards and more inspired and satisfying work.
  • Framed or mounted?
    No frames.  11" X 14" base using acid free mat board, watercolor paper, or other non acidic support of archival value and of sufficient weight such as 90lb watercolor paper or heavier. Total exterior size should be 11x14 no matter the size of the actual image.
    Collages can be any size smaller, then attached to an 11x14 piece of thick watercolor paper or mounted on mat board. Please use inter leafing between collages. (Smooth newsprint, brown craft or white butcher paper work well if you don't have any acid free inter leafing paper. I have noticed collages some times stick together.
  • NOT TOO THICK. Please, no sharp big bits of metal sticking up or unruly 3D items. Keep it flat!
    Try to keep the maximum thickness down to less than 1/4 an inch.
  • Originals, a series or copies?
    Works should be original hand constructed paper collages, each unique.They can be mixed media. If a digital collage or photo-montage is submitted, each should be printed at professional quality and such works should be original in that they are not reproductions of original works in other media but are prints of a digital image that does not exist in other media and in a signed, limited edition of no more that 15. If you not sure then contact me to discuss it before hand. If prints are used; prints of inferior quality (such as prints from typical home printer on cheap 20 pound letter paper for example) will not be accepted and will be returned to the artist.
    The usual rule-of-thumb is to make something you're proud enough to sign your name to and that you feel others will be proud to own.
  • Please do  not participate if you are unwilling or unable to give it your best effort. We encourage professional artists and artists of merit to participate. You will receive works of comparable quality.
  • International Participants: For getting through Customs: Don't use plant material such as dried grass, twigs, berries ....
    On the package label list contents as "collages, for exhibition only" and write no value or a low value even though we know it is priceless.
  • Works retained for the collection will be available for view online indefinately at the Museum's inventory blog with artist information. Please include a website address if you wish to have a link to your site from the blog.

Any questions?
So that we can keep an eye out for your package,
let me know if you're going to take part.

Trixie Delicious

Joan Schulze
By taking part in this exchange artists are agreeing to allow one of their collages to become part of the permanent collection of the IMCAC.
Copyright of the work remains, as always, with the artist. While the copyright is retained by the artist, your participation in this exchange means that you grant unlimited and free copyright usage of the work donated  to the IMCAC for the Museum's use for educational purposes, publications, publicity, fundraising, etc. as the museum deems appropriate.

The IMCAC shall, at its discretion, keep or dispose of works according to the needs of the collection as it develops which may include selling some works at some point in the future to raise funds for the collection (so far this has never happened).

The work of the Baker's Dozen exchange is accomplished on a volunteer basis by the founder of the exchange, Cecil Touchon and others who donate their time and effort and resources to help the museum become successful. All money raised during an official Collage Museum exchange is used directly for conducting the exchange and for the museum and its collection. 

Because of our lack of funding any additional donations are much appreciated to help us frame and exhibit the best works of the collection and properly store and care for the collection as a whole. Thank you for your kind support and continued participation.

Pascale Hulin

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