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Psycological Procreation
Mixed Media Collage

Frederick B Epistola
Paranaque City, Manila Philippines

Parañaque artist exhibits at the International Museum of Collage

This month yet another Filipino has done his country proud. He is the abstract expressionist and collage artist, Frederick B. Epistola, who hails from Parañaque City, and has two of his works collected by the prestigious International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction (IMCAC) based in Texas, USA. Done in mixed media, the pieces are entitled Psycological Procreation and Psycological Procreation #2.

To date he is the first and only Asian collagist who has works exhibited at IMCAC.

Featured in, he says of his art: "My works are imageries of ideas—ethereal and mundane; emotions—intense and vibrant; and experiences, all of which are conveyed through spontaneous strokes. In my attempt to stretch the boundaries of what I can do with paint, I used colors, which determine my mood and the intensity of my emotions. All of my works are intimate and personal to me, thus confined within the walls of a quad.

Still from the same website, the artist is described as a "compulsive but ingenious painter who has a proclivity to disregard traditional doctrines of paintings." He names as his most significant influences the early German expressionist painters and the American abstract expressionist movement in the 1950s as exemplified by works of Willem De Kooning and Jackson Pollock.

A graduate of Fine Arts, majoring in Visual Communications at the University of the Philippines, Epistola’s works are scattered in the Philippines as well as in private collections in Australia, New York, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France, Russia and Thailand.

He is chairman of the Global Art Project for Children, Children NOW!, and also the director general of Unesco Club in the country.

Epistola is working on a new series of works for exhibition in Europe.

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