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Secrets & Messages 6/13

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Secrets & Messages 6/13
by Lesley le Grove, New Zealand
Collage - handmade flax paper, shells, clippings & sealing wax

I have been making handmade paper since I read about and then visited a Paper Mill in Melbourne Australia in 1978!

Before that, clay was my first love, so I then had to find a way to combine both media. I also needed to use materials that were not so demanding of immediate attention as I was teaching Art at secondary school and had three daughters in their teens!

Hence the development of my mixed media work using the themes of the "Language of the Fan" and "Envelopes" which hold secrets messages and codes and precious found things.

I am a beachcomber and often use pottery shards, shells, pebbles, and twigs with porcelain and my plant fibre papers.

Another interest is early writing and sealing wax seals and now that my daughters all live in Perth Australia, I have been writing many letters and cards.

My postcards collages show many things mentioned above and the paper is made from New Zealand Flax, the pottery shards are Japanese Nambeshima pottery and the shells are called Cat's eyes. All hold secrets of another life and another time.

Lesley le Grove lives in Stratford, New Zealand
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Image © Lesley le Grove