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by Stephen Linhart, USA
digital collage

"I took two photos from the real world (flowers and a woman's hair) and layered them in a large digital collage. I printed that on photo paper and cut it up into 16 pieces. 13 went into the Bakers Dozen and 3 are for later use.
I've been printing with LightJet on photographic paper. The LightJet writes with colored lasers directly to the paper, so there aren't the sort of focus issues that come up with enlargers. I use Foto1 ( to do the printing. They can print up to 4x8 feet. Also, they use Fuji Crystal Archive paper which has good color and long life. I use Photoshop; I had to buy extra RAM to work with such large files."

Stephen Linhart lives in Amherst, MA, USA
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Image © Stephen Linhart