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Abstraction: Plantation #12

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Abstraction: Plantation #12
by Nancy Egol Nikkal, USA
Collage and acrylic

I titled the series of collage acrylic paintings "Plantation" because I did them in Plantation, Florida while visiting my father.

The paper substrate is printmaking paper - BFK Rives and Arches Cover. The collage papers are a mix of hand painted papers (I paint acrylic on all kinds of papers, including pages torn from magazines like Wired and Art News - the concept is to embed words and letter fragments in paint). Some of the papers are fragments from color copies of other collages. I used Cranes 100% rag paper for the copies. All the papers are hand torn and placed one at a time. I use Gluefast white PVA glue. Each work was coated with a mix of matte and gloss acrylic medium.

Nancy Egol Nikkal lives in Tenafly, New Jersey, USA.
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Image © Nancy Egol Nikkal