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This is the collection of works collected for the museum from
the 15th
Bakers Dozen International Collage Exchange.
This collection also includes works exchanged by Cecil Touchon
that were then donated to the museum and a collection of works
that were either traded or donated by the artists.

Elizabeth Concannon
Saint Louis MO USA
Mixed Media Collage
"Icon for a Paperless World #4 and #11"


Marie Stockhill
Polson, Montana USA

Keith Buchholz
Fluxus Saint Louis
digital print and collage

Keith Pace
Everett, Washington
11x14 inches

Dr. Juliann Mitchell
Cherry Hill, NJ USA

Esther Pearlman
Santa Monica, CA


Evalyn Rogers
from Kirkwood, MO, USA

Nancy Sorak
Bay Saint Louis, MS


Katheen McHugh
Seattle, WA

Patricia Clarkson
Minerva, OH USA

Sass Hake
Saint Louis, MO

Tara Verheide
Costa Rica and USA


Angela Davies
Acton, Wrexham, UK



2 collages from 1967 and 2 collages from 1986
Evelyn Eller
New York, New York USA


Caule Violeta
Skopse, Macedonia

Sarah Kelly
Tokyo, Japan

William Monachesi
Volta Redonda, Brazil

Works from each artist shown here are part of the permanent collection of the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction.

A package of up to12 (or fewer) mixed collages was sent back to each participating artist.