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This is the collection of works collected for the museum from
the 14th
Bakers Dozen International Collage Exchange.
This collection also includes works exchanged by Cecil Touchon
that were then donated to the museum and a collection of works
that were either traded or donated by the artists.

    elizabeth concannon collage art     elizabeth-concannon collage art 
Elizabeth Concannon
Saint Louis MO USA
Mixed Media Collage
"Icon for a Paperless World #4 and #11"

     marie stockhill collage artmarie stockhill collage artmarie stockhill collage art

marie stockhill collage art    
Marie Stockhill
Polson, Montana USA
mixed media collage - "Pintuck #01 and #02" and "The Tragedy" and "Autumn Transitions"

joan schulze collage art      joan schulze collage art
joan schulze collage art
Joan Schulze
Sunnyvale, California USA
collage - "Anticipation" and "Breathe" and "Green Obe #6"

     keith buchholz collage     keith buchholz collage art
Keith Buchholz
Fluxus Saint Louis
digital print and collage

Abigail Tjaden
Moscow, Idaho
Couch for Sale

Ilona Bogdane
Jurmala, Latvia

Julie Sadler
Canajoharie, New York
Seek Solace in the Swamp Saturnal and Set Sail by Celestial Navigation

Keith Pace
Everett, Washington
Georges Reverie, Toxic Twinkie Sketch, Now Playing
all 11x14 inches

Nancy Keeling
Cypress, Texas
Piggly Wiggly

Susaz Gertz
Middletown, Ohio

Suzan Sachdeva
Depoe Bay, Oregan
Learning the Cadence





Works from each artist shown here are part of the permanent collection of the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction.

A package of up to12 (or fewer) mixed collages was sent back to each participating artist.