Bakers Dozen Collage Exchange

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Dale Copeland
Puniho, NZ
Marlene Lenker
Essex, CT, USA
Jann Walden
Carterton, NZ

Claudia McGill
Wyncote, PA, USA
Barbara Bailey
Waiheke Island, NZ

Denise Enslen
Mountain Home, AR, USA
Maggie Zografakis
St Louis, MO, USA
Victoria Pittman
Tempe, Arizona, USA

Jo Massey
New Plymouth, NZ
Elizabeth Concannon
St Louis, MO, USA

Ann Maritz
St Louis, MO, USA
Polly Baichly
Kirkwood, MO, USA
Stephen Linhart
Amherst, MA, USA

Stephen Hooper (Hoop)
Clifton, NJ, USA
Annette Ellis
Saint Louis, MO, USA

Kathleen McKindles
Marquette, MN, USA
Judy Finer
San Francisco, CA, USA
Susan Mabray Gnaedinger
Champaign, IL, USA

Thom Rock
Orange, NH, USA
Kathy Harrington
Hudson, OH, USA

Jan Heigh
Vancouver, WA, USA
Karen Patrick
Centralia, WA, USA
Mary Ann Moss
Kerville, TX, USA

Charline Allen
Marionville, MO, USA
Heather Robinson
San Francisco, CA, USA

Sarah Whorf
Sunland, CA, USA
Donna Payton
Perrineville, NJ, USA
Cheryl Muirson
Kaiapoi, NZ

Ida Steinberg
St Louis, MO, USA
Haig Demarjian
Gloucester, MA, USA

Carol Melichar
Oviedon, FL, USA
Kathlyn Moss
Corvallis, OR, USA
Margaret Yowell Hall
Seattle, WA, USA

Barbara Douglass
Florence, OR, USA
Angela Meecham
Alexandra, NZ

Judith Pickard
Montreal, QC, CANADA
Ron Thomas
Pittsburg, CA, USA
Roger Morris
Wellington, NZ

Sue Giduck
Kemp, TX, USA
Truman Capone
Blacksburg, VA, USA

Gillian Hatcher
New Plymouth, NZ
Carolynne Miller
West Bloomfield, MI, USA
Oliver Loveday
Eidson, TN, USA

Bonné de Blas
Cleveland Heights, OH, USA
Joel Lambeth
Enmore, Australia

Nancy Egol Nikkal
Tenafly, NJ, USA
Lynda Andrus
Manhattan, KS, USA
Trina Gardiner
Wilmington, DE, USA

Linda Woods
Valencia, CA, USA
Nicole Shandrew
Hollywood, CA, USA

Corey Eiseman
Sarasota, FL, USA
Robin Eiseman
Sarasota, FL, USA
Joshua Motsinger
Kansas City, MO, USA

Alby Carter
Okato, NZ
N.A. Jones
Lewisville, TX, USA

Rebecca Mooney
New Plymouth, NZ
Temple Terkildsen
San Francisco, CA, USA
Dawne Polis
East Dorset, VT, USA

Julie Sadler
Salisbury Center, NY, USA
Paul Hutchinson
Puniho, NZ

Margaret Bailey
Wilmington, DE, USA
Jane Wynn
Parkville, MD, USA
Lesley le Grove
Stratford, NZ

Kimberley Guevarra
Winter Springs, FL, USA
Norman Sherfield
Sunland, CA, USA

Julia Cates
Silver Spring, MD, USA
Sandy Keating
Portland, OR, USA

Melissa McCobb Hubbell
Ridgefield, CT, USA
Donna Engstrom
Brighton, MI, USA

This is the third International Bakers Dozen Collage Exchange
69 artists have each made 13 collages.
One work from each artist is shown here.
(Note: all the collages are 8" X 10" or smaller.)

Click on this image to see the exhibition
hanging in SUBTARANIAN Gallery in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

The artworks shown here will become part of the permanent collection of the Museo de Collage in Mexico.

A package of 12 mixed collages will be sent back to each participating artist.

Copyright of all images remains with the artist.
These pages are written by Dale Copeland, Puniho Art.
Modified and maintained by the IMCAC