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The mission of the museum is to create a collection that is gathered together like a scientific museum that collects rocks or butterflies or perhaps like an anthropological museum. It is a cultural record of contemporary art that is uniquely of the 21st Century. It is an artist oriented museum developed around living connections to artists all over the world primarily through the internet.  

The works that come into the collection are normally donated by the artists as independent gifts or in response to a particular project or exhibition. The collection contains thousands of items with more added continuously.

Cecil Touchon, Director

We are in a reorganization of the website. It will, from here on, be used as an exciting new exhibition space for works in the collection. We will be using this site for focused exhibitions of highlights from the collection and we will be developing in-print catalogs to go with these exhibits. After all that is organized we’ll try to show to shop the exhibitions around as traveling exhibitions. Additionally we will develop Artist Profiles in this magazine formatted blog that will become the pages that we will add to as more works by or information about those artists come into the collection. Stop back in to see what we are up to! In the meantime visit all works in the archives will be shown there in chronological order of acquisition.

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