Everything counts in large amounts 

Just what it is.  Scrapheap. A cache. The accumulated snippets of where you 
have been. Now released from context and searching for another. Some things have been cut loose and are breathing. Some things have been joined and are 

What you cannot see: there is no carrier. There is no unifying field. The 
fragments are holding on to each other, trying to make it from here to 
there. It is not an embellished surface, it's a cohesive whole built of 
fragments only. 

 You frame this. You frame it and reframe it as you move in. The designing 
yours. The grouping yours. The discoveries yours. The conclusions yours. 
You will look at what you are looking for. You will search for meaningful 
clusters. You will delineate. You will seek out places you prefer over 
others. You will devise a selection process. You are being gently bombarded 
with information. You will try to attain balance.  

Mine only the provision of the plethora, achieving critical mass. It has no 
center. It's all over the place and I will not tell you what to look at. I 
have no designs upon you. The process is sedimentary, not architectural. 
It's a grown order, an accumulated history, a catalog of trial.  

Claudia von der Heydt