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 Patriotic Celebration - Carlo Carra

free word painting 1914 papier colle - 15.12 x 11.75 inches

Carlo Carrà

Interventionist Demonstration, 1914

Tempera and collage on cardboard, 38.5 x 30 cm about 15x12 inches

Always one of my personal favorites, Carra is clearly following the
cubist painterly style in this collage poem the composition moves
outward from center in concentric circles and with a number of rays
or lines of force moving out from this center giving an impression of an
explosion of a loud noise or sound. The words as well eminate from
this same center for the most part helping to emphisize the feeling of
expansion from a center. The several dark, blackish zones in the
center also give an effective sence of spacial depth -  a deep void - 
from which the 'sound' is coming and the space gradually flattening
out toward the edges. This sort of visual 'poem' would later develop
into what became known as concrete poetry. There are a lot of fasinating
sound representations in this poem such as TRRRRRRR and TRrrrrrrrrrr,

The composition was inspired by Carrà's sighting of leaflets dropped
from an airplane as they fluttered down over the Piazza del Duomo.

(this is a virtual exhibition. This work is not in the Collage Museum's collections)

Works by an international group of contemporary assemblage, construction, collage artists and homages to those 20th Century artists who inspire them.
On display at the Longview Fine Arts Museum  March 14 - April 25, 2009

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WHITE ON WHITE - Selections from the Permanent Collection
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, photo montages, weavings, poems, Massurrealist and Fluxus works. Artists from Russia, Germany, The USA, Canada, Argentina, Belgium, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Greece, Panama and Portugal are represented in the exhibition.
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