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January Thaw #2

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January Thaw #2
Sue Reno
from Columbia, PA, USA.

The images were made with heliographic printing.
The basic process is to paint on fabric with Setacolor fabric paints, lay objects on the fabric, and leave it in strong sunlight to dry. As the uncovered fabric dries, it wicks paint from the covered areas and leaves an image.
I love the process and play around with it a lot in the summer because the variations are endless.

For these collages, I went outside during a spell of mild weather in January, when the snow had melted, and foraged around in the garden for some leaves that had not died back. Instead of using the sun to dry the paint, I placed the prints near our coal stove. They came out differently than they would have outdoors, and they were a lot of fun to make on a dreary winter's day.

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Image © Sue Reno