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relics of war 1

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relics of war 1
Mimi Shapiro

Each of Mimi's collages is accompanied by a copy of the folding book holding all the images and her poem relics of war.

relics of war
most people prefer to believe their leaders
are just and fair
even in the face of evidence to the contrary
because once a citizen acknowledges that
the government under which they live
is lying and corrupt
the citizen has to choose what
he or she will do about it

Michael Rivero
An unusual kind of order
constructed situations of all that followed
the interplay between order and chaos

we're living still-when, by a rustic grave

significant objects and
the metaphysical still life
a bird landscape
the hour before one night
ghost chamber
or a man of faith

does bohemia
lie by the sea or are the lies
of faith and power
connected to the city of oil
seek its rival greed
each one named a czar
who was crazy

beside the swift Amoo's transparent wave,

a book of the empire to fall
what special ritualized
objects of war
will they leave with for
we have the power to ward off evil and

by that lone grave, morning and night in prayer

invasions written in
parallel columns this unholy inspiration
making all of us martyrs of democracy

an aged man, who had grown aged there

what is a milartistic saint?
why not the gospel of a gentle image
whose private devotions each generation
slaying the dragon

of death hung darkening over him, there play'd

archangels or griffins
partakes of the of the deceased
show them the way to salvation
screams of luxury and privilege
for a few

for the last time knelt down-and, though the

greedy icons of the religious faithful
kissing the scorpion healer
eternity and perfection
the inner circle
the desert landscape is a burning bush

that brightened even death-like the last streak

where are our devotional objects for peace
and golden stars
and education
and health care
the forty martyrs who spoke out

a gleam of rapture on his eye and cheek

that complex nature of pilgrims for peace
who travel between cities
what double headed eagle
do they pay ransome to?

when night o'er all the rest hangs chill and dim

should we devour the ancient texts
to read reason into a quest for peace
of intense glory in th' horizon's brim
before the broken gates and locks

his soul had seen a vision, while he slept
she, for whose spirit he had pray'd and wept

reflecting the power struggles
the inspired trends of hate
for what is different

so many years had come to him,

we need to honor a new tradition
a spiritual essence and
the prototype for 1000 generations of peace

maybe one day there will be no more relics of war
mimi shapiro
Mimi Shapiro
from Lancaster, PA, USA.

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Image © Mimi Shapiro