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Janet C. Zalog

Love of nature with its vast mystery and beauty have always been of great spiritual significance in my life. This gives rise to my own creativity and the desire to express my personal truth. my goal is to build a relationship with the viewer through my artwork. This is done with two and three-dimensional works by using various methods of collage or assemblage. Especially inspiring and challenging is my use of discarded and found pieces of objects that are reassemblaged into something new and different. These finished works are abstracted and non-representational. There is no preconceived idea for a final product. Completion is reached when that inner voice tells me it is pleased and satisfied.

Art has always been a part of my life. My father, an artist, introduced me to art at a young age. My love and desire for art has continued. A Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Florida as well as continuing art education has further honed my knowledge and skills. This has resulted in my creative voice being heard. Affiliations with various art groups, purchases by private collectors and being juried into a myriad of exhibitions has recognized and rewarded my endeavors.

Janet C. Zalog
from Boca Raton, FL, USA.

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