Tricky Dog

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Tricky Dog
Karen Dennis

Karen Dennis
from Auckland, New Zealand.

This work is influenced by 60's children's books, toys, visual dictionaries, kitsch art, folk art, surrealist art, religious imagers, film noir, mother nature, bad television, garage rock and funk music and my dreams both good and scary.
My previous and present occupations include: illustrator, graphic designer, audio/visual producer, painter, sculptor, wife, mother (hardest of all), garden designer and home renovator.
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Fifth International Bakers Dozen Collage Exchange
Each artist made 13 collages.
The one work from each artist which is shown in this Internet exhibition is exhibited in Allentown, Pensylvania, USA, and then sent to the Museo de Collage in Mexico.
One work is sent to be part of the permanent collection of ArtColle in Sergine, France.
One work is exhibited and offered for sale in New Plymouth, New Zealand, and a package of 10 mixed collages is sent back to each participating artist.

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